Office Decommission, Removal, and Recycle

Constructive Works is a leader in the business of removing and installing office furniture in Calgary. Business needs change all the time and external factors can have a big impact on the decisions you make for your company. There are a variety of reasons that a business would choose to remove office furniture and equipment or built in millwork from their premises:

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After working from home for a prolonged amount of time, many businesses may discover that they can actually be quite productive while working remotely. They may decide that they don’t need to spend all that money on rent for an expensive office building when they can do almost as well or even better without a physical office space. With so many tools available, it is easier than ever to stay in touch with their employees without actually being in the same physical location.


There could be any number of reasons you may need to downsize. Calgary’s economy was bad enough before the Coronavirus, and now with more problems in the oil patch it has become even more difficult to run a business. Finding a smaller and cheaper office space may be a necessity. If that is the case, you will probably need to store, recycle, or dispose of some of your office equipment. Constructive Works puts a lot of effort into minimizing the amount of materials that are thrown out.


Maybe you have found a location that better suits the needs of your business and have decided that you need an experienced company to handle the move. We will carefully remove your office furniture and have it delivered to your new location where it will be professionally installed.


If you have decided to renovate your existing location, you may need to remove and temporarily store your desks, shelving, and equipment. Constructive Works has a large heated storage facility in the southeast just off of Barlow Trail.

Going out of business

Unfortunately within the current business climate there are a lot of businesses that are being forced to close their doors permanently. If it was just the high city taxes, and the poor economy, most businesses would be able to survive, but now that the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the world, some companies just can’t hang on. In that case, they need to vacate their building and have their assets removed and sent to storage, or to be sold, donated, or disposed of. Whatever your reason, we can help.

Constructive works provides a cost effective end to end solution to let you accomplish your business objectives. We handle the removal, recycling and disposal of your office furniture in a manner that is consistent with the best environmental practices. We make sure that all your wood and metals are properly sorted so that they can be reused, or recycled to ensure that as little as possible ends up in the landfill.

Let our experienced decommissioning team do the job for you.